Meal Prep

If you’re anything like me, your biggest struggle with cooking and eating at home is the prep work. It’s just so daunting after a long day at work. Here’s my trick to making this easier in the long run…

Prep early!


Prepping on Sunday afternoon has made cooking at home during the week SO MUCH EASIER! This is everything I could pre-prep for 3 meals this week: ground beef is already cooked for crockpot meals, cheese is shredded, vegetables sliced/diced (with the exception of potatoes). Everything for tomorrow’s meal that doesn’t need to be refrigerated is out and ready to be dumped into the crockpot. And now, when I come home from work, I know all I have to do is put the meal together and cook…much less intimidating!

Try it for 3 weeks and see what a difference it can make!


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