Let’s Get It.


Best thing for ridding stress and strife of the start of the work week? Ball slams.

Grab a slam ball (the black and grey ball pictured here; preferable) or medicine ball and raise it over your head coming up onto your toes as you do. Then, bring it to the ground with all the force you’ve got as you come down into a low squat – dropping the ball as it hits the ground. Pick up ball, repeat. Using a 10-12 lb slam ball, 10 or 12 reps is usually plenty (for the first set, then repeat 3 times…)!

Throw in some kettlebell swings and dumbbell lifts for good measure, and you’ve got a quick workout to work off any type of stress you could have.

Questions? Need someone to try it out with? Let me know!


One comment

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