Speak Life and Truth.

A woman who is wild for God knows the eternal power in her words and uses them carefully and passionately with those around her.” — Jess Connolly, Wild and Free, pg 137.

I love this. The words we use hold incredible power and we need to use them wisely. Truth be told, this is something I have always had to work on — not always what I say, but how I say it. It’s amazing how I can find the perfect thing to say that can build someone up so much they feel like they’re floating or cut some one down so far they feel buried underground. I’ve worked so hard to be mindful of this and really focus on building others up. 

My mom started teaching us this at a really young age — that the tongue is the most powerful muscle in your body, because once something is said, it can’t ever be unsaid. Forgiven, sure. Forgotten? Not really. Think about it. Do you remember every time (or even half the times) you fell and scraped a knee, or were hit by a sibling or friend, or every time you were grounded? Probably not. But, I bet you can recall just what your friend said in middle school that constantly caused you to question your place in the friendship, or the words a parent/sibling used that made you worry about your weight or appearance, or the words YOU used that hurt someone else (or whatever the examples may be for you). 

Your words matter. Today, I’m using mine to encourage an 8-year-old at soccer practice and to breathe perseverance into a husband who has one month left in a hard semester on top of new responsibilities at work. 

How are you using your words to build others up and breathe life into this world?


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