Root Canal. Manchester. And Lifetime Fitness.

So, friends. Tomorrow’s the day. I have to have a root canal. And I’ve been dreading it. Worried about how it’s going to go, upset about the cost, frustrated that I even have to do it, thankful that I could schedule it on my husband’s day off so he could take me/take care of me afterward.

Then, I woke up this morning to news of another bombing, more people dead, more CHILDREN dead. For what? It doesn’t make sense, none of it does. While I’m worrying about a root canal (by all accounts, a relatively “normal” procedure), there are parents who still don’t know where their children are or if they’re alive. And not that someone else’s problems/situation minimizes another person’s, because we’re all different and put into different situations, but it certainly puts things into perspective. Y’all, pray for this world. Pray for the victims. Pray for the families.

Now, back to physical health (I’ve been away from this on here for a bit!). We joined Lifetime Fitness a week ago. The one closest to our house is HUGE and has so much more than I could’ve imagined. The stairmill (as shown here, has been the greatest and worst find there. My new member onboarding session with one of their personal trainers was super helpful in getting acclimated to their facility and programs offered. They do measurements and help you plan a workout specifically for your goals. Let me tell you…there is work to be done. But, we’ve started. So, anyone in the area who goes to Lifetime and needs a buddy to workout with, I’m your girl!

So, in conclusion, pray for me, folks. I’m certainly needing it!


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