I’m a day late, and I’ll always be a dollar (or millions) short of being able to accurately depict how special he is. But, here’s a try.

Let me tell you a conversation (shortened here) I had with Garrett when talking about buying a recliner a few weeks ago…

Me: Where do you think I sat in the den at my parent’s house?

Garrett: Jimmy’s recliner. But where’d you go when he came home?

Me: Uhhhh, in Daddy’s lap, in his recliner, duh.

G: 😂😂😂

Me: And I still sit there now. Even though I’m too old and too big…. Except, actually, now there’s usually at least 1 of 4 little loves in my spot. And it makes me kind of sad…

See photo evidence below — Daddy’s lap has been my fave spot for a loooooooong time.

Me sleeping in Daddy’s lap, circa 1992/93/94ish.
There is no place I’ve felt safer. No hug that has ever made me feel better and given me the ability to let go and cry like his. Old habits die hard, and it’s still bittersweet sometimes thinking about how that relationship changes after getting married. You’re the best person to watch Jeopardy with, my favorite person to watch certain shows or movies with and see who can guess what’s happening first, the best sounding board to bounce things off of, and the smartest person I know. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being there. Thanks for teaching us everything you know. 

December 12, 2015. 

Our dance at my wedding is one of my favorite memories. The song could not have fit more perfectly, and I’ll forever hold that moment in my heart. And I’ll forever look at you the same way, as if you hung the moon, ’cause you certainly did in my eyes. You’re still the king of the world, and I’ll always be your little girl.

“Spinning around on the tops of his feet.

Smiles of an angel could not be so sweet.

Wide blue eyes, and piggy-tails swirl.

She’s her daddy’s girl.

Dance me! Dance me around ’til my feet don’t ever touch down.

There’s nothin’ better than bein’ your girl.

And if I am your princess, then Daddy, you are the king of the world!”


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