Wonderfully Made.

“What if I saw me the way that you see me?
What if I believed it was true?
What if I traded this shame and self-hatred, for a chance at believing You?

That you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
And You say that I’ve never been hidden from you.
And You say that I’m wonderfully, wonderfully made.”

Wonderfully Made, Ellie Holcomb

Sitting here on my day off, doing some things to continue getting settled into our home, and thinking about the next steps in this crazy, wonderful life of mine. And in that moment, that’s when the doubt starts creeping in. The fear. The questions. All the things that so easily hold you back.

And then, Ellie Holcomb’s voice comes playing through the madness, because God has perfect timing and certainly a sense of humor. What if we saw ourselves the way God sees us? What if we believed in ourselves and who we are (and whose we are) the way that He does? What would we do then?

On a slightly smaller, more relatable scale, what would happen if you saw yourself the way the person who loves you the most does — be it you spouse/significant other, your child(ren), your parents/aunts/uncles, best friends? Think on that. Think of what they tell you about yourself. Then, try believing them. Write down your list of what you would do and what you would try if you saw yourself the way they do.

I’ll work on mine, if you work on yours. Then, we’ll start on them together.


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