Of Mess and Moxie.

Unsolicited review time. Jen doesn’t yet know that we’re BFFs, spirit animals, soul sisters, but some day she will. Until then, I’ll keep reading her books, following her on all the socials, and giving you the inside scoop on how great her books are until you start reading them for yourself!


If you haven’t read a Jen Hatmaker book, you should. She writes the way I talk, and is one of the most real women there is. I’m a hot mess half the time but I’d like to think I’ve got some moxie, so this book really spoke to me.


“It all boils down to two things: loving God and people.” I thought this quote was especially fitting for today’s post, for the “opening” of the Let Love Brew blog/instagram. This is one of approximately 1 bajillion things I highlighted throughout her book, and sends a pretty good message of what she’s all about. In addition, you’ll read that God loves beauty, food, fun, and naps; why all you moms are doing just fine (stellar, actually. Kudos to you, Moms!); why cooking dinner can be life giving; and how we should fangirl the people around us every day. Plus, recipes and the best How-Tos I’ve ever read.

Again I say, if you haven’t read her books, you should. And check out her podcast — For the Love with Jen Hatmaker. She can be found on Instagram @jenhatmaker, Facebook as Jen Hatmaker, and Twitter @jenhatmaker — and is so worth the follow.

Check her out, then come back and tell me how much you love her, too!


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