Game Day.

My favorite day of the week. I love the competition; the solidarity you find with people you may not know but who pull for your team too; the absurd way we yell at the TV/players as if we know them (yes, I call them by their first names/nicknames); the personal affront we find when our fantasy teams don’t perform the way we wanted them to (I mean, come on, didn’t they know we were counting on them?!); the food, the beer; all of it. I love it all. Except when my boys lose…that part I’m all the way out on. I’m two for three this weekend, so here’s hoping the Panthers pull it out today!

There is so much to be learned from sports, both from being a player on a team and being a fan. There’s no better place to learn the art of helping someone, how to lead through action and words (and how to use those words wisely), and how to show grace both in success and failure. Sports teach you how to learn from your mistakes — and how important practice is.

I love it. I love it all. Here’s hoping your team wins, too — unless they’re playing the Panthers! 😜


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