Meeting the Educated Debutante.

What a special evening out with Mom. Thanks to Meredith College Alumnae Relations for putting this on. I’m not sure how I found “Tales of an Educated Debutante.” But, I’m so glad I did. Adrian Wood, the Educated Debutante behind the scenes, is just as funny, just as real as you’d hope she’d be.

One of the things that stuck out to me the most is when she said: “Life is funny if you let it be funny — and why not let it be funny?” Y’all, I love to laugh. It’s one of my favorite things. And she’s so right…so many things in life are funny if we just let them be funny instead of taking every little thing so seriously. Because guess what? It’s. Just. Life. Most things we make big deals out of in our day-to-day life really aren’t that serious. This isn’t to mean we don’t take the serious things seriously or we avoid things — because, for sure, there are hard things in life that we have to deal with. But, what joy could we find if we stopped making mountains out of mole hills and started finding the humor in every day life again?

So, y’all, I’ll keep it short and sweet on this Wednesday evening. Keep laughing. Keep finding the funny. And don’t turn down the chance to meet Adrian Wood or to hear her speak live — it’ll be worth the night out and evening away from binging 24 on Amazon Video (because let’s be real, that’s what I’d have been doing otherwise).

Thanks for your honesty, Adrian! Thanks for being an example of what it is to be real and raw and funny, and how rewarding and freeing that can be.