Confessions and Discoveries.


I don’t feel “called” to personal training or nutrition counseling– I don’t feel like that’s what I’m meant to do with my life. I enjoy it well enough, the extra money is certainly nice, and it’s a great way to keep myself accountable to work out and eat mostly healthy, but I don’t feel particularly passionate about it or as if that’s my life’s calling.

If I could go back and change what I went to school for or where I went to school, but still end up here, with my people, I would. I think there are other things I should have studied or done in college/graduate school that would’ve helped me more with what I’m meant to do. 

From the time I can remember until the year I took college chemistry, I wanted to be an eye doctor.

I want my life to mean something. I want to make a difference.


What does all of this have in common — wanting to be an eye doctor, working at the Y and personal training, and my current job as a nanny? They all involve helping people, serving others, using my skills and personality and knowledge to build others up and help them become the best version of themselves. I read a book recently that talks about thinking about what you wanted to do and who you were when you were a kid (5, 6, 7, or so, before the world seeped in and made you think you couldn’t be who you were or do what you wanted), and consider what that means about who you are and what you’re meant to do. I wanted to be an eye doctor not because I loved eye balls or wanted to make a ton of money, but because I had a lot of issues with my eyes as a kid and I wanted to help others going through the same thing, I wanted to help make their life better the way my doctor had helped me. Seeing a theme yet? I’m starting to — at 27 years old, I’m starting to see the theme behind all of this.

I feel good about my day when I see a child’s face light up when something finally clicks — the math they’ve been struggling with finally makes sense, they’ve just worked out how to tie their shoes, they’ve figured out how to read that hard word they couldn’t quite get until right then, and so on.

I worked at the Y and have kept personal training because of this same thing — I’m excited when I’ve helped someone with something, that’s when I feel like what I’m doing is worthy and important and right. At the Y and personal training, this is with their physical fitness (and sometimes mental state when they just need someone to talk to). At my current job, it’s the little things that an 8, 6, and 5 year old are learning every day. I want every person I encounter to leave our time or that moment feeling better than they did before. I want to encourage others. I want to pour love into others. 

I’ve discovered that I’m here to serve. To make others’ lives better and easier and to know that they are loved. 

What does this mean moving forward? I’m not totally sure. I have some ideas on where to go from here, but they’re gonna take some time. And a lot of growing — I’m not perfect, by any means. And some of you reading this might go “that’s not the Katie that I know” or “I would never think this would come from her”…in which case, I’m sorry. I hope to show you who I am better in the future. It’s time to get moving! Posts from this point forward will be more focused on this journey and personal growth (mentally, physically, and spiritually) than anything else — helping any readers grow, discover who they are, and be confident in that through sharing my own story and anything I find that’s helped me along, too. 

What did you want to be as a kid? Who were you then, before the world told you you should be something different? When you think about that, does it mesh with who you are or what you do now, did you grow into a better version of that kid, or did the world change you? Reach out. Let me be here for you. Join me on this journey. Let’s become who we’re meant to be, together.


Get It In Where You Can.

When your kid (or the kid you nanny for) has soccer practice and you haven’t worked out yet…you use what’s in your car and what’s around you to get in a good workout. For those who may not have TRX hanging around in their car, use your body! Try this next time you’re waiting on something or someone and want to get some movement in:

Each exercise for 35 seconds, rest for 15 seconds. Go all the way through, rest 1 minute, repeat at least 2 or 3 times, but as many as you’ve got time for!

Right lunge

Left lunge

Push-ups (could use a wall or fence to brace up against if you don’t want to get all the way down)




Overhead tricep extension (using your cell phone, water bottle, or purse for resistance)

Arm Circles

Try it out! Makes the time go faster and you’re getting some movement in rather than sitting and waiting. Good luck!

Let’s Get Spiritual.

Here’s the deal. This place, this blog, it’s not just about your physical health (or my physical health) — because that’s not all there is to the story. To be fully healthy is a total view of physical, mental, and spiritual health. This week, I’ve been all about the spiritual growth and I’ll tell you, I feel inspired in a new way after even just these last few days of diving in. 

I am so blessed to have friends and family who also understand the importance of spiritual growth and personal development and have awesome books to recommend as well. Specifically speaking to this week: thanks, GVZ, for recommending Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs — that book spoke to me as if it were my own words and life, it’s crazy. And thanks, KM, for the recommendations to read Annie Downs’s other book, Let’s All Be Brave and Rebekah Lyons’s You Are Free (starting that soon!) — and, the podcasts!! I’m getting into them and thankful for recommendations because what I’ve listened to so far is so good.

If you haven’t read any of these books, please check them out. You’ll be so glad you did. 

Here are the 3 quotes from Looking for Lovely that spoke to me the most, and give you an inkling of what it’s about and how it will transform you.

  • “Who would I be if I had pushed my mind past the place where it said all the things I couldn’t do?” (!!!!!)
  • “Be the same person on the surface that I am at the depths of me” — Bob Goff (talking to the author, Annie Downs)

I am so bad at pushing through things that are hard. I don’t do things I’m not good at. I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid to disappoint. And that’s what this book spoke to — looking for the lovely in the hard, in the pain, in the suffering. 
When I say I feel inspired in a new way, it’s real. These books have helped awaken my soul and help me push along the journey of what I’m meant to do, what I want to do, feeling free to make mistakes, and not be afraid of the desires and callings I’ve pushed way down deep because I’m afraid of failing. I knew that I was in a place of disillusionment spiritually and that my soul felt unsettled and untouched lately, but I didn’t realize how much I had quieted my spirit until this week and these books and podcasts brought it all to the surface.

If you want to chat about those quotes/these books and what they’ve meant to me, or what they meant to you if you’ve read them, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m all about connecting over a good book. And, if you’ve got any recommendations, send them over!

*I promise not all posts will be this long — but I had to share about these! 

It’s Been a While.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. About a year, in fact. So, let’s get real. Life happens. I’m on this journey the same as anyone else. In the past year, I’ve left a full-time job with a company I loved, worked part-time for said company in different roles, built up my personal training business, and taken a job as a nanny full-time. And that’s just my professional life.

Personally, I’ve made it through the first year of marriage, struggled through quitting a full-time job, struggled through feeling purpose-less, and simultaneously been the most disheartened and the happiest I’ve ever been before. Who knew that was even possible!?

But, throughout it all, I’ve been here. Perhaps not posting, but still working on the process. And now it’s time to get serious. Get real. Be tough. Push through. Who wants to join me?!



Let’s Get It.


Best thing for ridding stress and strife of the start of the work week? Ball slams.

Grab a slam ball (the black and grey ball pictured here; preferable) or medicine ball and raise it over your head coming up onto your toes as you do. Then, bring it to the ground with all the force you’ve got as you come down into a low squat – dropping the ball as it hits the ground. Pick up ball, repeat. Using a 10-12 lb slam ball, 10 or 12 reps is usually plenty (for the first set, then repeat 3 times…)!

Throw in some kettlebell swings and dumbbell lifts for good measure, and you’ve got a quick workout to work off any type of stress you could have.

Questions? Need someone to try it out with? Let me know!


You work out on your snow days. But, sometimes, your team (go Panthers! #keeppounding) is playing in the NFC Championship game and all you want for dinner is “football food” while you watch. Hence, action dip and tortilla chips. IMG_1679

And you know what? That’s okay – enjoy the special occasions without feeling guilty for treating yourself!!

Just be ready to start back the next morning with a good breakfast and a good workout to stay on track toward your goals. Remember, it’s not about eating healthy 100% of the time; but, about making that effort to eat healthy 80-90% of the time so that for that other 10-20% you can enjoy all of your “non-healthy” favorites!


Snow Day!

Looking for a way to get a workout in without leaving your warm home on this crazy snow/ice day? Check out the video below for a short, 5-exercise circuit. Repeat the circuit 3 times for a 15 minute workout on your snow day! 

You’ll need: 

-2 towels (paper towels, dish towels, etc)

-cellphone or watch to use as a timer

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

Why Me?

From the get go I am always going to be real with you.  AND…I’m relatable – I don’t claim to work out every day or eat only healthy foods, and I’ve never run a marathon; however, I do know how to set goals and reach them! Together we’ll set realistic goals and I’ll support you in reaching them!  We will work hard, have fun and you will be on the way to a happier, healthier YOU!

Are you ready to get started? Want more info? Let’s chat!

At Home Workout

Let’s get in a quickie. Workout, that is. Try this during commercials of your favorite show!

You’ll need:

-a chair, couch, or coffee table

-a mat (or rug space!)

-a wall

Here you go!

-start by warming up with 1 minute jogging in place

30 second wall sit, 10 second rest, 30 second wall sit (with back on wall, sink into a squat and hold)

10 tricep dips (hands on chair, couch, or coffee table; feet on floor, knees bent)

chair step ups, 12 per leg – lead with same foot for 12, then switch.

30 second plank, 10 second rest, 30 second plank (on elbows or full!)

Repeat this circuit 3 times for a quick and easy workout to end the day!

*no rest between exercises, about 1 minute rest between each time through.

Let me know how it goes if you try it out!


Meal Prep

If you’re anything like me, your biggest struggle with cooking and eating at home is the prep work. It’s just so daunting after a long day at work. Here’s my trick to making this easier in the long run…

Prep early!


Prepping on Sunday afternoon has made cooking at home during the week SO MUCH EASIER! This is everything I could pre-prep for 3 meals this week: ground beef is already cooked for crockpot meals, cheese is shredded, vegetables sliced/diced (with the exception of potatoes). Everything for tomorrow’s meal that doesn’t need to be refrigerated is out and ready to be dumped into the crockpot. And now, when I come home from work, I know all I have to do is put the meal together and cook…much less intimidating!

Try it for 3 weeks and see what a difference it can make!